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Q: What person felt emotion over Scrooge's death?
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Is felt an emotion?

No. Felt is the past tense of feeling. You can feel a particular emotion but feeling is not an emotion in itself

What type of noun is misery?

The noun 'misery' is an abstract noun, a word for an emotion that is felt within a person.

Is being thankful an emotion?

I would think so, yes. You might say, "She felt thankful" or "I felt very thankful," the same way you might say, "She felt sad" or "I felt very sad." If you can feel it, then it's an emotion. By this logic, however, lucky is also an emotion, since you can "feel lucky." Some people might argue that lucky is not an emotion, but I think it is.

What is Most painful emotion a human can feel?

It really depends on the indidual; age, upbringing. I think for most people the most painful emotion felt is LOSS. This could be the loss of anyone that is close to you or that you rely on or Love (or all three!). The loss can happen for several reasons; death, divorce. What ever the cause the emotion felt is LOSS.In the case of death this brings another 'emotion' bereavement as the separation (loss) is permanent. And if this parting is sudden (accident, murder etc) this can bring VERY strong emotional feelings with it.

Is triumph an emotion?

yes it is a type of emotion felt when you have conclusive success over obsticals and it is descrived by emotion simuar to joy and Exhilaration

In for what it's worth what is the emotion felt by protesters?


Why is the death penalty a good thing?

Because it shows what the person they just effected felt.

What do you understand by the term Emotion?

Emotion is any feeling that is felt by an organism or human. Examples of emotions are happiness, anger etc.

Is thought an emotion?

Yes, thoughtful is very much so an emotion. For Example: 'I felt very thoughtful today."

Is your own emotion external or internal?

Emotions are felt internally, but expressedexternally.

Which idiom is this i felt like crying?

This is not an idiom. It means exactly what it looks like -- you felt the emotion that would lead you to start crying.

Conflict resulting anxiety tension frustration ones emotion involvement?

Felt Conflict