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all of it. your gonna die if you keep drinking excessively. do you want to die ? i dont think so. so STOP DRINKING your freaks

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Q: What percent of alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream?
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Where is alcohol absorbed?

When you take a drink, about 20 percent of the alcohol is absorbed in your stomach; the remaining 80 percent is absorbed in your small intestine.

How much does it take for alcohol to be absorbed enter the bloodstream and travel to the brain?

3 mins

Alcohol is absorbed in the bloodstream with minutes How does a full stomach affect absorption rates?

A full stomach reduces the rate of alcohol absorption.

What will help slow alcohol's absorption into the bloodstream?

Food in the stomach will slow absorption by a few minutes, but there is no way to prevent alcohol from being absorbed once ingested. Most of it gets into the bloodstream eventually.

Most of the alcohol from one drink will be absorbed into the bloodstream within?

Within one hour, unless you have your period.

How does alcohol enter the blood?

it is because you have a bladder problem...

What is absorbed into the bloodstream by your intestines?

In the large intestine,water and mineral salts are absorbed into the bloodstream.

About twenty percent of alcohol is immediately absorbed into the blood from the?

Lining of the stomach.

Protein is absorbed in the bloodstream as amino acids?

Correct. The amino acid molecules are absorbed and allowed to pass to the bloodstream.

Approximately percent of alcohol that is consumed by a percent is absorbed directly into the blood through the stomach?

The answer is a 20% (r!++3r

Does fat absorb alcohol faster than muscle?

Fat or adipose tissue does not absorb alcohol. Typically speaking, 20 percent of alcohol is absorbed in the stomach and 80 percent is absorbed in the small intestine. From there, the alcohol enters the bloodstream and it's effects take place usually within 20 minutes of consuming a drink. The rate of absorption depends on several factors. Notably, the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of drink, the amount of food in a person's stomach (food tends to slow the absorption), and whether or not the alcohol is consumed with a carbonated beverage (carbonation speeds up absorption). All things being equal, alcohol usually has a greater effect on a woman than a man of equal height and weight because a man typically has more muscle and a woman typically has more fat therefore a higher ratio of the alcohol will stay in the woman's bloodstream as opposed to being diluted and absorbed by muscle.

Can alcohol go straight to the blood stream through your mouth or stomach?

Small amounts of alcohol can indeed pass directly into the bloodstream from the mouth or stomach. Most alcohol passes into the bloodstream through the liver though. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alcohol is absorbed from the stomach and small intestine by diffusion. Most absorption occurs from the small intestine due to its large surface area and rich blood supply