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vitamin d

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What part of a balance diet is missing in this table?

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Q: What part of a balanced diet is missing from rice?
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Which part of balanced diet missing from rice?

rice is not a balanced diet, your body requires a varity of foods to balances micro nutrients ie zinc etc. but rice is missing vitamin d

What part of balance diet is missing from rice?

vitamin d

What food is an important part of the Japanese diet?

There are three parts of a balanced diet for Japanese people. Rice, vegtables, and seafood.

Is rice and chicken and salad a balanced diet?

It is! Being balanced means trying to get a majority of each food group in the meal. With your meal, you've got: Grains (rice) Meats (Chicken) Vegetables (Salad) and potentially: Oils (Salad dressing) You're just missing dairy and fruit, but it is easier and more important to try and balance your diet throughout the day or even week rather than every meal, so don't worry about trying to fit EVERYTHING in one meal, just have the missing groups in a later meal!

Can eating raw rice affect the baby during pregnancy?

Only if you are not also eating a balanced diet.

What is a better diet for a dog rice or potato?

A diet of plain boiled chicken or hamburger mixed with boiled rice is often used for pets having stomach problems. Just feeding rice or potatoes is not a balanced diet and neither is enough to support a dog's health on its own.

What is the main part of a Japanese diet?

Rice and Fish

What Egypt's main food?

rice and peas which has been tradition since 1878 before this it was just rice peas were introduced so they had more of a balanced diet.

What is a cheap well balanced diet for a 17 year old male?

Beans, brown rice, seeds, and vegetables.

What is Stephanie Rice's diet plan?

Stephanie has a very healthy diet of balanced carbohydrates, protein and all the other things we ate, but she does not eat pork. -KreniDivadi

What is the affect to eating rice?

One of the main affects of eating rice is as part of a diet is remaining alive

How many grains of rice are they in one cup?

According to, if rice is a staple part of your diet, then you need 18,400 grains of rice.