What objects are soft?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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fur, cloth... go around your house and feel things that look soft or smooth to you and if they are soft then write them on your homework or whatever you need this answer for.

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Q: What objects are soft?
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What is the difference between soft and hard objects explain?

Soft, are kinda squisht and hard thing well, there kinda hard...

Objects that makes softsounds?

Some of the objects that make soft sounds include the soap, wringing hands, moist lips and the gentle breeze.

What will happen to the positively charged balloon ad a soft drink can?

The positively charged balloon and a soft drink can will pull negatively charged objects towards them

Where is US's gold?

It can be crafted into objects but its too soft to be crafted alone so it is fused with other metals.

Where is the most destruction at during an earthquake?

at the epicentre or where the land is the most soft as it shakes more and then objects on it sinks or collapse.

List 5 objects that are measured in liters?

Any fluid: oil, petrol, soft drinks, milk, beer.

What objects weights kilogram?

A litre of water weighs 1 KG. Three 330ml cans of soft drink weigh approximately 1KG.

How do you clean your eyelids?

Carefully Without SHARP POINTY OBJECTS KNIFES SWORDS PINS HACKSAW BLADES DRILL BITS NAILS .. Use soft Items such as Cotton or a Very Soft Cloth & don't Get Soap in you Eyes it STINGS..

Can soft and rough surfaces absorb sound?

The natural property of the material has that ability. Alot of objects absorb wound, for example the sides of your stereo are sound insulators. However, not all have the same or even this ability at all. As for soft and rough, they most likely won't play a factor, therefore you should look into the material of objects to possibly determine the insulation of sound.

What objects produces soft sound?

There are many things that can be attributed to "soft sound." Many intruments can create an effect of soft sound: Marraccas Pianos Violins other instruments that depend upon either tamping or slowing Then there are many other items that can provide soft sound, like leaves falling in front of you, pennies falling on carpet, a brush going through someone's hair. Good Luck.

What are objects that produces soft sound?

a broom on the floor. rubbing ur hands against ruff clothe. hit straws together. wave papers in the air.

What type of media did claes oldenburg use?

Claes Oldenburg is an American sculpture. He creates public art installations, enlarged replicas of everyday objects and soft sculpture versions of everyday objects. He also uses several different mediums; metal, plastic and stone.