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On most dartboards it is six (6), but some have concentric circles.

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Q: What number is 3 o'clock on dart board?
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What number is at the bottom of dart board?


What number is found bottom centre of a dart board?


What number is opposite 20 on a dart board?

Usually 3.

What is the time in Baghdad when it is 3'oclock in London?

3 oclock

What number is at 3 o'clock on a dart broad?


How many ways to make 50 using 3 darts on a dart board?

Why don't you figure it out.

What does target at your twelve oclock mean in mw2?

It means right in front of you. When soldiers relate directions to the clock 3 oclock means right, 9 oclock means left 12 oclock means front, and 6 oclock means back.

Which side is 3 o'clock side driver side or passenger side?

Passenger side is 3 o-clock. for example ; 12 9 * 3 6 12 oclock is in front of you. 9 oclock is on the left hand (Drivers side) 6 oclock is in back of you (behind you) 3 oclock is on the right hand (Pass. Side)

How many hours is between 4 oclock and 7 oclock?

3 assuming they are both the same-am or pm

What number lies between 5 and 9 on a British dart board?

20 is the highest number, located at the top centre of the board.

On a standard dart board which is the lowest score you cannot get with 1 dart?

61 is incorrect. The question asks for the lowest score you cannot get with one dart. It is true that you cannot get 61, but neither can you get 59. Therefore 61 is not the lowest impossible score with one dart. The correct answer is 23. You can obviously score any number from 1 to 20, so we can exclude that range. You can get 21 (3×7) and 22 (2×11), but you cannot score 23 with a single dart.

How many odd numbers on a dartboard?

There are 10 odd number segments on the dart board: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19 Some people also count the single bull (25) as an odd number.