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Whichever side they like.

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Q: What nostril do men get pierced?
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What is the 2nd most pierced body part?


Which nostril should you get pierced if youre straight?

on the left side

What does Joan osbourne have pierced?

Joan Osbourne is noted for her piercing in her right nostril.

What is it called when you have both sides of your nose pierced?

im pretty sure its called nostril piercings

What hurts more getting your left nostril pierced or the right nostril?

Scientifically none. It depends on the person individually. In which side they have more nerves in and feel more pain from. It can also relate from the side which they write in being more painful. I would get my nose pierced on the left side because its more appealing.

How many people have nostril piercings in India?

in India every woman gets her nose pierced right before her wedding

If you have your nostril pierced can it catch on a septum piercing when you get it done?

More then likely they'd have you take out the nostril piercing before they pierce the septum. You should have no problem with the nose ring and septum ring getting caught on each other afterwards though.

When you get your nose pierced Is the needle put through from the inside in from or out side of the nose?

It is pierced from the outside of the nose down into a receiving tube which is placed up your nostril. The reason for this is so the needle does not poke the inner lining of your nasal canal.

Where is the best place to get your nose pierced?

In the center of the crease of your where your nostril flares, and the non-cartilage tissue spot up the wall of the septum for a septum piercing.

I have had my nose pierced for over a year I had a stud and just last week I put a hoop in Now my stud won't go in in Why did this happen and what should I do?

Nostril piercings can be difficult when you change jewellery, nostril screws sit differently than a ring will in the piercing and hence the problems getting the screw back in. Go see your piercer, they will use an insertion taper to get your nostril screw in for you.

What does a nose piercing in the left nostril mean?

For some stupid reason if you have anything pierced on your left side it means your either a lesbian or for guys it means your gay see i was made fun of for about a week after i got the top of my left ear pierced but after that all of my friends got the top of their left ear pierced to take up for me so it became fashionable in my school to get your left anything pierced.

Which is worse the Monroe or the tongue piercing cause ive had my tongue pierced and i fainted so what is the Monroe like?

It is largely dependent on each person. My labret (usually said to be pretty much identical to a "monroe" pain wise) and my tongue were simple and painless, but I thought I was going to cry getting my nostril pierced. My sister fainted getting her philtrum (proper term for any upper lip piercing) but she was laughing and talking while getting her nostril pierced. There is no way to tell which will be worse for you, and a good piercer can make all the difference in the world.