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They use At&t's network because they are a MVNO or they share their network.

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Q: What network does Pure Talk USA use?
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What network does the Samsung Galaxy precedent use?

Straight talk or sprint

What network does virgin mobile use?

In the usa virgin mobile uses the sprint pcs network and everywhere else it uses the tmobile network

Will the Samsung Wireless extender from Verizon Wireless work with Straight Talk phones that use the Verizon Network?


Can you use a Samsung Galaxy s4 on straight talk?

Yes, you can. As long as the iPhone 4S you are looking to put on the Straight Talk network is "unlocked" and thus free to access another carrier's service.Once you're sure that your phone is unlocked, you just need to purchase a Straight Talk SIM card, and then activate. See the link below to find where Straight Talk lays out this process.

Can Verizon and alltel talk for free?

Yes It Has Been Confirmed. Verizon And Alltel Can Talk For Free. Alltel Customers Can Use Verizon Phones On There Network And Everything!

What network does skinny use?

They use their own network, Skinny Network.

Can you use any US Cellular contract phone as a prepaid phone?

No. Certain phones will only work with the original wireless provider that you signed with. In other cases, you can use your phone with a prepaid carrier as long as it is unlocked and the cellular networks type matches up. In other words, if your phone is on a GSM network with T-Mobile, you will want to find a prepaid carrier that also operates using a GSM network such as Straight Talk or Net10. The same goes for CDMA devices. Furthermore, in order to use an existing device with a new wireless provider, the new provider must have a "Bring Your Own Phone" or "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOP/D) program. For example Straight Talk allows users with GSM phones to use their unlocked device on Straight Talk's network through the Straight Talk BYOP program. New Straight Talk users will make a one time purchase of a Straight Talk SIM card that, once placed in the phone, will attune the device to Straight Talk's network.

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What does the use of redundant network components supply to a network? Reliability.

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A distributed computing system requires each machine attached to the network to has specific software allowing them to talk to each other. A distributed virtual systems allows the machines on a network to talk to each other without the use of central software.

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The WEP key is the encryption password used to access the network. The network owner has the password, and only puts it on devices that are authorised to use it. That's how it keeps unauthorised people (ie, you) from connecting to it.

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