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The Birth of a Nation endorsed by President Woodrow.

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Q: What movie was endorsed by the president depicting the dangers of freed slaves?
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What was the impact of depicting slaves as being happy and good singers?

Because of their nature, African Americans were regarded as being meant to be slaves.

What were some of the worst dangers and challenges that runaway slaves faced?

death or bad injuries

What was president Lincoln's former slaves name?

He NEVER had slaves.

What US President freed his slaves when he died?

The US President who freed his slaves when he died was President George Washington. In his will, he stipulated that his slaves be freed upon his wife's death, which occurred after his own passing.

Which statement is truePresident Lincoln wanted to free all slaves at the beginning of the war?

President Lincoln favored saving the Union over freeing the slaves.

Did Franklin D. Roosevelt have any slaves?

No, FDR had no slaves. He was a president, not a master. And anyways, slaves were "illegal" before he even became President. -Olivia answered this!! :D

What were some of the worst dangers and challenges runaway slaves faced?

Hunters and people catching them and being killed.

What was the names of president John Adams slaves?

John Adams did not own any slaves.

Who was the first u.s president to not own slaves?

Zachary Taylor owned over 100 slaves and he was the last slave-owning president.

Which President freed slaves in his will?

Abraham Lincoln

Who was president when the slaves were freed?

Abraham Lincoln

What did he do about slaves when he was president?

Well abraham lincoln was the president known for abolishing slavery