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It is a Remington Model 12 .22 cal. pump

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Q: What model number is a Remington 22 pump with a Pedersons patent January 5 1909 Serial number349044?
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When was Remington typewriter serial no LP30355 made?

I believe it was manufactured in January of 1923.

How old is Remington model 11 serial number 92690?

Early 1911, probably January.

What is the year of manufacture for a Remington model 12 serial number 388XXX?

1917 - Probably January based on production that year.

How old is Remington 12ga shotgun serial How old is my Remington 12ga shotgun serial?

i have 2 Remington model 141, carbine serial #c 69757 and a 141 gamemaster serial #25543. what are the production dates and how many were produced?

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Post a serial or call Remington.

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what year is tha Remington sportsman 58 serial 143766v

How do you read Remington sportmaster512 serial number?

I don't believe the Remington 512, 511 or 510 have serial numbers

What is the manufacture date Remington model 12 serial number 421304?

January 1918, I can only say January because it's serial no is very close to the start of 1918, so a guess but a solid one unless they were all on vacation ;)

What year was a Remington model 870 12GA serial number 108812?

Serial numbers by year for the 870 Remington Model.

When was a Model 11 Remington serial no. 29851 made?

1908, I suspect January but can't prove that within the first 1,000 made that year.

What is the manufacture date of a Remington Model 6 22 caliber rifle Serial Number 435917?

January 6 1902-43,897 were made

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Your Remington 1903-A3 was made by Remington in 1942.