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swingset, fence, pool, sandbox

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Q: What might you put in your backyard if you have children?
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You might have of these in your backyard?


Name a kind of house someone might put in their backyard?

Dog Tree Bird Green Guest house Doll House

You might have one of these in your backyard?


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What are some of the safety issues that must be taken into consideration when installing backyard play equipment?

When children use backyard outdoor swings without parental supervision, they might injure themselves by falling off or spinning around and entangling themselves in the ropes. Also, especially when the swingset is old or improperly built, it might break, which might lead to more serious injuries.

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Yes, you can use dirt from your backyard for potting soil. However, it might not be very effective.

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It cant be put out in a forum like this where children might be reading.

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Where should I ask about getting a backyard playset?

To find a playset for your children for the backyard, try Toys 'R' Us or Walmart. They both sell outdoor playsets for children in wood and metal. Some of them have slides or money bars to attach.