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Q: What medicines are likely to cause a miscarriage?
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Can migraine medicine cause miscariage?

Yes, some Migraine medicines can result in miscarriage.

Can laxatives cause a miscarriage 4 weeks pregnant?

most likely not, but it is always best to consult your OB/GYN before taking any medicines while pregnant

What are the medicines can cause miscarriage?

The list is too large to answer here. Instead, read the packaging of each medicine you intend to use. Phamaceutical professionals will be able to provide you with information regarding specific medicines, as will doctors. Also each manufacturer is likely to have a helpline where they can answer your questions about specific medicines.

Can rheumatoid arthiritis cause miscarriage?

Yes. Women with RA and lupus are more likely to have complications including miscarriage during pregnancy.

What medicine cause a miscarriage?

As such it's not medicine that can cause miscarriage, but you should have been advised by you doctor what to avoid. You should stay away from ibuprofen and vitamin A, caffeine, illegal drugs, cold & flu relief medicines. hope this helps, consult your doctor

Can a miscarriage cause bacterial vaginosis?

A miscarriage is not likely to cause bacterial vaginosis. BV is caused when the vagina's normal helpful bacteria die off, and the "bad" bacteria take over.

Can genital warts cause a miscarriage?

Genital warts won't cause a miscarriage.

Can HPV cause miscarriage?

HPV does not cause miscarriage. It does not affect fertility at all.

Can a miscarriage cause vaginal irritation?

A miscarriage may cause vaginal irritation.

Can tea cause a miscarriage?

There are herbs you can make tea of that might cause a miscarriage.

Can taking cocaine cause a miscarriage?

It is more likely to leave the baby brain damaged or physically damaged.

What Herbs can cause miscarriage?

There are many herbs that can cause miscarriage, if you are pregnant, research any herbal medications before taking. And ask your doctor since many medicines are based on plants and herbs and they can interact.Attempting abortion/induced miscarriage without being supervised by a doctor is an illegal abortion though, punished with 2-10 years in prison.

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