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What kind of sick? You need to call your doctor and ask. When pregnant you can never take any medication without asking the doctor first.

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Q: What medicine can you take for a pregnant women if sick?
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Can pregnant women take the medicine sedalmerck?

It says on the package that pregnant women should not use it.

Can pregnant women take midol pain medicine?

No. She should not take naproxen. She should take paracetamol.

What kind of medicine can you take to get pregnant?

What kind of medicine can you take to get pregnant?

If you have asthma and your pregnant what will happen?

Just take your medicine just like you always do and take extra care when you get sick. That's all.

What medicine should pregnant women take for a cold or flu?

There is no medicine for a cold or flu since there is no cure but there are medicine to help with the symptoms and if you have a headache you can take Tylenol if absolutely needed. If you need cough medicine speak to your doctor.

Is the cetamol for cold and flu medicine safe to take by pregnant women?

That drug is probably paracetamol. It is safe in pregnancy.

Can pregnant women take tylenol cold medicine?

If you are pregnant you should never take any medications, even over the counter ones, without consulting your Dr first.

How can you not get sick?

Take vaccines and medicine's.-Ms.Aki

How can pregnant women who wish or need to take medicine ensure their babys safety?

they can make sure the medicine has no serious side effects and wont harm the baby

Does 5 month pregnant woman take medicine for miscarriage?

Does 5 month pregnant woman take medicine for miscarriage?

What medicine can you take for diarrhea and pregnant?

What can i take for diarrhea i am one month pregnant?

What Novamox 500 safe for pregnant women?

You must not take this medicine without consulting your doctor as it is very strong antibiotic drug. Please always consult your doctor if you need to take any medicine.

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