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Santa pilots a large 12 passenger custom sleigh with extra-dimensional storage, time travel capabilities, and which can fly. That's usually what he travels in.

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Santa use a slade pulled by rain dears

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Q: What means of transport is used by Santa Claus?
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How do you say Santa Claus in African?

Sinterklaas is the most used name for Santa Claus in Africa.

Is there still such thing as Santa Claus?

There isn't such thing as Santa clause anymore but there was someone called St.Nickolus who used to be Santa Claus

How do you say santa in Great Britain?

Santa Claus is usually known as Father Christmas in the United Kingdom - but Santa Claus is also used.

Who really is Santa Claus?

Yes. Santa Claus has to eat all the cookies and milk prepared for him by good children, so he gains weight.

What is Santa's name in Greenland?

Santa Claus usually retains the name Santa Claus, or Saint Nicholas, or Father Christmas, whatever name is used by the researchers' culture. You can see all the translations of 'Santa Claus', below.

In the 1920's what beverage company used the Santa Claus figure?

Coca-Cola popularized Santa Claus-and also Polar Bear ads.

When was Santa made up?

Santa Claus is based on the legends that surround a 4th century man. The name Santa Claus evolved from European terms for this figure. It began to be used around the 18th century.

What do Canada call santa Claus?

In English he is called Santa Claus or Santa. In French, Pere Noel though you will hear the English version used too.

Which soft drink company was the first to use Santa Claus in an advertisement?

Coca-Cola famously used Santa Claus in advertisements during the Christmas season. Coke was not, however, the first soft drink company to utilize Santa in ads. White Rock Beverages used Santa Claus in advertisements several years before Coke did.

What soda first used Santa Claus in their advertisements?


What is Santa Claus called in Ireland?

In English he is Santa or Santy. In the Irish language you would say "Daidí Na Nollaig". Daidí is pronounced like Daddy. It literally means Father of Christmas, similar to Father Christmas that is commonly used in Britain.

Is Father Christmas the same as Santa Claus?

Yes. Father Christmas is a name for Santa Claus that is commonly used in Britain. Another name would be St Nicholaus.