What may trigger ashtma?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Pet dandur, 2nd hand smoke, dust, or it could be inherited.

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Q: What may trigger ashtma?
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Ashtma in early pregnancy?

yes there there is over 100million people in the UK with ashtma that is early in pregnancy.yes there there is over 100million people in the UK with ashtma that is early in pregnancy.

Do one of the Bella twins have ashtma?

I would say no because I have a low case of ashtma and I still loose breath quickly easily and nether one of them do after qwite awile

Is Pepsi good when you have ashtma?

Your choice of beverage has no influence on your asthma.

Can you live to 100 with ashtma?

If it is controlled it should not prevent a long and healthy life.

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What type of air purifier is best for someone wth Asthma?

Ozone air purifiers are good for ashtma patients. A high quality air purifier should improve the quality of air inside of your home enough to improve an ashtma's patient quality of life.

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What do you do if asthma medicine trigger migraine?

Some medicines, or the additives and fillers in a medicine, may trigger Migraine in susceptible patients. Those patients usually need to have a conversation with their prescribing physician about alternatives that may be less likely to trigger a Migraine attack.

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Alcohol is often a Migraine trigger. Drinking it after a Migraine attack may trigger another attack.

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