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When there is no water in there body their urine turns dark yellow and starts to smell funny.

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Q: What makes a persons urine smell funny?
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Will this supplement make my urine smell funny?

All B-Complex vitamins get excreted through urine so urine will have yellow color and will smell different.

Urine smells basic like something burnt or coffee but you don't drink a lot of coffee?

It could be Slim Fast. The Cappucino one makes my pee smell funny

Why does urine have a funny smell?

It can be related to the concentration or to something you have eaten and be totally normal. Occasionally it can be from an infection.

WHAT food makes your urine smell like rotting cabbage?


Why do onions make your pee smell?

Because they contain a lot of sulfur, which is the element that makes your urine smell.

Why does your pee smell funny?

The color and smell of your urine has to do with what you've been eating. A lot of times, taking vitamins can alter that. Asparagus is infamous for it too.

What makes cat urine smell so bad?

I think it is the chemical Ammonia

How do sugar gliders change their environment?

they mark their territory with urine and it makes a bad smell.

Is ammonia normally found in urine?

Yes, Mainly in cat urine as they use it to mark their territory. Ammonia is what makes the urine smell, it can also make you high.

Why does urine smell funny after one eats asparagus?

About half of the population will notice this odor after eating asparagus because of the sulfur-containing amino acids which break down after ingestion. Sulfur-containing amino acids in asparagus break down during digestion, creating an odor when urine is excreted. "It's the same sulfur group that makes skunks smell.

What is fruity urine smell?

A fruity urine smell is normally indicative of diabetes. The fruity smell is attributed to the presence of ketones in urine.

Why does your urine smell like urine?

Because urine has urine in it.