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girls like guy with long hair and is carefree or guys with short hair and is athletic

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Q: What makes a guy more attractive to a girl?
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Is a girl more attractive then a boy?

it depends what your perseptions are if you like guy then guys are more attractive and if you like girls then grls are more attractive. but girls are more pritty

What makes a teen girl attractive to a teen guy?

Well I know one thing for sure....... JUST BE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing is more attractive than that to any guy!!! Please don't change for anyone!!!!! as a girl just be yourself and dont look like a hoe or a bum

What makes a guy more attractive?

You can be more if you smell nice. This will turn heads as well as noses.

How do you overrule a girl who a hot guy may think is more attractive than you?

GEt hit

Do guys find girl drummers attractive?

yes A guy might find a girl drummer as attractive as any other girl. The fact that she is a drummer would not make her more attractive, except that it would suggest that she might be vivacious, and that might make her more attractive to some guys.

What makes a girl un-attractive to a guy?

Physical appearance but mostly low self-esteem or lack of confidence.

Have you ever finished your well-going relationship for another girl?

I am not a guy but many guys do that if they find other girl more attractive.

What does it mean if a guy says a girl is a Betty?

that he thinks the girl, whoever he is referring to, is attractive.

When a guy calls a girl a hina what does that mean?

He's basically calling her, his girlfriend or an attractive girl.

Does a guy become more attractive to a girl if other girls also like him?

suprisingly the answer is yes. even a girl will be more attrative to u if u are always surrounded by ur friends

Is longer or shorter hair more attractive for a guy?

depends on how long. don't grow it like a girl. please no. to your eyebrows is enough.

What runs through a guy's mind when he looks at a girl he finds attractive?

The majority wishes to have sex with the attractive Girl. LOL. and Their mind fills up with Sexual Toughts.

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