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When you control his life and make him think that you don't want him to be around anyone else.

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Q: What makes a boyfriend feel smothered?
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How can you not feel smothered?

Be single.

Will Being Obsessed with your boyfriend make him distance?

Yes, it will most likely make him feel smothered and to want to get away from you...being obsessed with anyone is not a healthy thing to be doing anyway.

How do you know if you love your boyfriend out of the habit of it or not?

You will know by the way you feel towards him and the way he makes you feel.

Why do you feel so comfortable around your boyfriend?

Well this may not apply to many, but the reason why I feel comfortable around my boyfriend is because he makes me feel that way. The way he acts around me and how he treats me makes me realize that he expects me to be me, and noone else.

How will you know that you still love your ex boyfriend?

You will know by the way you feel towards him and by the way he makes you feel.

How do you deal with a possessive boyfriend?

Well possessive boyfriend are hard to deal with it . If you have one then talk to him that how his possessiveness bothers you. And never give your address or land line number to a possessive boyfriend.You need to communicate how you feel to your boyfriend regarding his possessiveness towards you and stop enabling him from doing so. Tell him if he cannot trust you enough and is constantly overly possessive then you are ending the relationship. If you do not manage to curb his behavior it will only get worse until it is unbearable making you feel smothered and may even cost you some friends because of his behavior.

Why do you feel weird or shy around your friend your best friends boyfriend?

probably becausee it makes you feel uncomfortable. Trust me i have been there :L

What does it mean when your boyfriend likes to hold you down?

It just makes him feel stronger, manly and more in control.

Who needs a boyfriend on Facebook?

Uh... me?? My friends are always talking about some guy and it makes me feel out of place. And why do you ask?

What can makes a man feel guilty after you ended your relationship with him?

He feels that he wasn't a good boyfriend and that it is his fault for you breaking up with him

Im scared to explore my boyfriend what can i do to make him feel the way he makes me feelwhen he explores my body?

Just be yourself

How do you keep yourself up when your boyfriend makes you feel down?

You can't. If that's how you feel, then he doesn't love you enough. You should leave him or if you think he could do better, talk to him and tell him how you feel.