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It is well known that money makes us autonomous. But what to do if one does not have cash? The only one way is to receive the credit loans or financial loan.

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Q: What level e cigarette nicotine if smoke lights?
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What does the Green Smoke cigarette have in it?

The Green Smoke cigarette is better than real cigarette, it has no tar in it but does have nicotine.

The nicotine in cigarette smoke cause what?

addicts you to it.

What are smoke of the substances released in cigarette smoke that are harmful to the respiratory?


What is nicotine in cigarette smoke?

Nicotine is a highly addictive substance that occurs naturally in tobacco.

What substances in cigarette smoke causes lung cancer?


What chemical is in cigarette smoke?

..... I think it's nicotine or somethin

What is a electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarette is an electric device that contains nicotine and nicotine free e liquid, it satisfied our hunger of smoke without harm. It doesn't have second hand smoke.

What chemicals are harmful in cigarette smoke?

There are several hundred harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke. The most notable are probably tar and nicotine.

What is the drug in cigarette smoke that stimulates the brain and causes addiction?


What are some of the substance released in cigarette smoke that are harmful to the respiratory?


Give the name of the subances in cigarette smoke which causes addiction to smoking?


Find out what gaseous pollutants are present in cigarette smoke?

ANSWER: Nicotine and Carbon monoxideSARIN MADHUSOODANAN