What led to more slavery?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Cotton fields is what lead more slaves. The more the slaves the easy it was to work.

The cotton gin

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Q: What led to more slavery?
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What led to more slavery apex?

The cotton gin. -Apex

This end of slavery led to what?

led to the booties

What led to the growth to slavery?

The Cotton Gin was invented, leading to slavery growth. Farmers needed more workers to work on their planations, causing the need for more slaves.

Who led the ancient Hebrews out of slavery?

The person who lead the hebrews out of slavery is Moses. He led them out of Egypt

What led to slavery becoming more widespread and brutal in the 1800?

Increase of the number of slaves in the north

What led the rebellion?


How did the democratic gin lead to a rise in slavery?

The cotton gin led to a rise in slavery by allowing the cotton plantation to be more productive. What is a "democratic gin"?

Name one problems that led to the civil war?

As you know, the opinion of pro-slavery in the south, and anti-slavery in the north, but i hear there are more reasons.

Who led the opposition to a constitutional ban on slavery?

Abraham Lincoln, who was the 16th President of the United States, led the opposition to a constitutional ban on slavery. He was an ardent opponent of slavery and fought to abolish it during his presidency.

Bacons rebellion led to the growth of what practice?

It led to Slavery

Which laws led to slavery in Virginia?

There were no laws that led to slavery in Virginia. Slavery was implemented in Virginia because settlers coming over from England, brought personal servants with them. This in turn led to the use of slave labor. The thirteenth amendment abolished slavery in the US.

Who was an antislavery settler who led attacks on pro-slavery settlers in Kansas?

John Brown was an anti-slavery settler who led attacks on pro-slavery settlers to Kansas