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Junk food is a term to describe any food that doesn't have much of anutritionalbenefit, such as chips, candy canes, chocolate, ice cream, crackers and more. While OK in moderate amounts, excessive intake of these foods should be limited as they have negative impacts on your digestive system, skin, oil production, and fat.

If you are trying to loose weight, or stay healthy, you should avoid any foods high in salt, like potatoe chips, french fries and saltine crackers, foods high in greese like any fast food, and avoid candies and sweets such as Oreos, ice cream, and salt watertaffies. Processed foods like Hotpockets, while not technically junk food, should also be avoided as they have even worse impacts on your body.

The key to eating healthy is pretty much making things from scratch and monitering your calorie intake vrs how many calories you burn.

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Q: What kinds of junk food should you not eat?
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Should children eat junk food?

Well, it depends on if their health. If they are fat and overweighted, they should not eat junk food. If they are skinny, they can eat it, but not too much.

What foods should not you eat to stay healthy?

do not eat junk food and refined food

Definition of junk food and fast food?

Junk food is food that is bad for you and you should not eat it every day simultaneously or you will get obese.

Slogans against junk food?

Do you know what you are eating? A moment on your lips, forever on your hips! Do you know why it's called junk food.

Why should you not eat junk food and drink alcohol?

the acid in the junk food mixed with alcohol will make your stomach explode.

Should schools allow junk food snacks?

schools should allow junk food snacks because it is up to them what they want to eat and if they want to eat them they might know what the consequences are.

What should you eat you have started the Jim?

anything non fat especially fruits and veggies but NO junk food only eat junk food if you have quit the gym

What kinds of food are unhealthy if people eat too much of them?

It is Junk and oily food that is harmful to the body if eaten in large amounts.

Should junk food be given to athletes?

Junk food is very unhealthy and no one - regardless of their physical shape or athletic abilities - should ever eat it.

How many times a week should you eat junk food?


What kinds of food should you eat on the moon?

on the moon you should eat food that is packaged in an airtight package

Did someone die from eating too musch junk food?

yes because eating too much junk food could cause your hart and it has other kinds of disease.Note: don't eat to much junk foodThis is the truth!