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well that's kinda easy if you like a preppy guy they would like a preppy girl.....but i warn you if the guy is preppy and your not DONT CHANGE YOURSELF to fit his needs.....and if you put together a preppy guy and a preppy girl man do you have alot of ego in that relationship

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Q: What kinda of girls do preppy guys like?
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Do preppy girls like the rocker type guys with long hair?

Normally not. Preppy girls are classic and elegant; whereas "rocker type guys" are punk style, funky and outstanding.

Why do emo guys date preppy girls?

People are attracted to different personalities and styles, so it's not uncommon for emo guys to be interested in preppy girls or vice versa. Relationships are based on compatibility and connection, so as long as they have common interests and values, the differences in style shouldn't be a significant barrier.

What kinda girls do guys like?


How do girls get guys to like them?

i think its kinda obvious...

Why do guys like Korean girls?

That's kinda racist, guys like all women no matter the nationality.

Do girls like guys with beards?

Maybe some girls do but mostly they like a clean cut kinda guy

What kinda boys do girls like?

Tall and charming guys with good attributes.

Do girls like guys that are hyper?

some girls do but most of them like the punk or rock kind of people or kinda nice responsible boys

Do guys like girls who are preppy and wear clothes from Ralph Lauren?

Preference for clothing style varies among individuals, so some guys may like girls who dress preppy and wear clothes from Ralph Lauren, while others may prefer different styles. It's important to wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable, rather than trying to fit a particular stereotype.

How do you get a boy to like you if your a tomboy?

not all guys like preppy girls or girls that like pink and go shopping all the time dont change yourself so he will like you, just start hanging around him more, and try to get closer to him. I hope i helped!

What do most guys prefer to have in girls?

Guys will like to have a girl that act like one of the guys and can be preppy, funny, caring, and nice too. Guys are either gentelmen or well, not gentelmen. Guys who act like gentelman will let you do what you want to do and care about you and really want to have the best for you. And guys that aren't gentelmen are the same except in the way they act, they will still have the same feelings for you.

What is the difference between guys and girls playing table tennis?

Guys usually are vapid (no offense) and girls usually do it for fun. The guys think it is like the Olympics striving for the gold, while the girls kinda just play it even though they usually are horrible (me!) Hence, guys for gold, girls not so