What kind of questions are on a gun safety test?

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Rules for safe firearms handling and use are on gun safety tests.

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Q: What kind of questions are on a gun safety test?
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How to fix the safety button on a paintball gun?

You need to be more specific with the problem with the safety, and what kind of safety it is.

How old do you have to be to get a junior gun license in Victoria?

you have to be 12 but you have to do a safety test first

Gun Safety Courses?

Firearms safety is important for any use of a gun, especially concealed carry. Training in gun safety will be included in CCW courses.

Why should you be for gun safety?

Because if you are against gun safety, you're probably dangerous when handling a gun. Many people that are not for gun safety never will and don't know as much as they probably should know about their gun/guns they own.

What are the safety conditons for coax machine gun?

There is a few safety conditions for a coax machine gun. Some of the safety rules are clan gun after every use, put on safety and always aim to the ground.

Why 500 feet used in gun safety?

What do you mean 500 feet used in gun safety?

Has a gun ever went off in safety?

Possible if the safety or the gun is damaged. Unlikely, but possible.

Why wont the safety on your airsoft gun go down when you shoot?

You probably have your slide cocked back. If it isnt, then you probably have some kind of internal mechanism problem that needs fixing. Email me at if you have anymore questions about airsoft or real guns and their ammunitions.

Is a gun safety class required in Illinois?

It depends on what you mean. Gun safety class for what purpose? Illinois does not issue a gun carry permit so there is no safety class for that. If you mean for a different purpose, it depends on what the purpose it.

Why do parents shoot a gun when the kid is in front of the gun?

I would surmise, because they are ignorant of gun safety rules and/or totally unconcerned with the safety and welfare of their children - or they are mentally disturbed.

Why is gun safety important?

Safety is always important regardless of what object is involved.

Where is the safety located on the gun?

No one location.

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