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playfully quaint;acting or behaving in a capricious manner.

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Q: What kind of personality is whimsical?
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A sentence with the word whimsical?

What a whimsical flower that is.

What kind of personality do you need for a runway model?

no personality

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a wolf has an intelligent personality.

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Orthodontists have a kind personality because they work in groups. Orthodontists have a kind personality because they work in groups.

What is a sentence for whimsical?

She was very whimsical when she was playing in the playground.

What kind of personality does a monster have?

It hey have a very good personality

What kind of personality do i have?

WikiAnswers does not know you so we have no idea what personality you have.

How do you spell whimsical?

That is the correct spelling of "whimsical" (lighthearted or fanciful).

When was Whimsical Stakes created?

Whimsical Stakes was created in 1956.

Can you give you a sentence with whimsical?

Wow! What a very whimsical house you have!

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To be yourself, to be kind and the quality of being kind ,generous& patience listener are some of the aspects of personality.