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what kind of boys does a shy girl want?Shy girls like sweet caring guys but guys who also are outgoing that way they make the 1st moves so the girl doesn't have to until she really feals comfterble around him then she makes her other wise they like them caring and not shy.

Well there are tons of answers. Coming from my opinion girls don't usually go for a specific type of guy. But in most cases girls like guys who are willing to communicate. Shy girls tend to like guys who are the usual sweet and caring. When the girl is artsy she tends to like shy artsy guys too. But not all the time. It really varies. Coming from me, Im on the shyer side and I usually like the guys that talk to me and seem happy. Girls don't really like sad guys. Unless this girl is trying to solve this guys life and see why he's sad. Shy girls in most cases want you to make the first move. After that she may even have an outgoing side to her. Shy girls want to feel comfortable around you.

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Q: What kind of guys do shy girls like?
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yes some girls like shy guys but sometimes you have to come out of ur shell so the girl can find out wat kind of guy you are Kind, sensitive guys can be attractive to girls, but you can't be a push over. Girls go for jerks because they are confident and know what they want.

Why do guys like shy girls?

Because the shy girls never actually react.

Do girls hate shy guys?

It depends upon girls. Some like shy guys and some don't.

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Some girls like shy guys. Good times lol

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they are shy

Do shy guys like confident girls?

At times.

Are middle school boys shy to talk to girls?

when guys are shy to girls that means they like that girl.

Do guys like girls that aren't pouplar?

yeah exspecilly them shy girls

Why do girls like you when you are shy?

they think they can change shy guys make them not shy hope that was enough information. :)

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Well,im a girl so I don't know but im kind of thinking YES! I like funny, and a little shy guys.

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It depends on the guy.