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It will be marked on the barrel

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Q: What kind of bullet use colt army?
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What does acp mean for a bullet?

Automatic Colt Pistol The Model 1911 pistol was developed for the Army. Most bullets (cartridges) had a large base for use in the cylinder of a revolver. The Colt pistol was automatic and used a clip so the cartridge did not have a base that was wider than the bullet. This bullet was specially designed for this gun. It became known as the .45 ACP so it would not be confused with other bullets.

What kind of bullet does a AK-47 use?


What kind of oil to use in a 1992 dodge colt?


What size ammo to use in colt army special 38?

Needs to be checked out and verified by a gunsmith.

What kind of bullet do you use with a Revelation Model 120 rifle?

Have it examined by a good gunsmith. This rifle use a .22 caliber bullet, long rifle.

What kind of weapons would you use in the Army?

Depends. Which army?

What kind of pistol does Augustus McCrae use in Lonesome Dove?

In the movie the Walker Colt would be correct but in the book he actually carries the Colt Dragoon.

What kind of bullets do you use for a well mb03?

if you are talking about the airsoft gun, you can use any type of bb/bullet. The best and fastest bullet are 0.20 gram bbs.

What kind of ammo does a Winchester model 94ae 45lc use?

.45 Long Colt.

What kind of shelters did they use in the confederate army?


What revolers use a 41 cal bullet?

Any maker who makes a 41 Magnum <><><> Or the MUCH older Colt .41 Long Double Action- an obsolete cartridge.

Can you use 32 ammo in colt 38 police issue revolver?

The short answer is "no!". The cartridge may fire, but the case will split and the bullet will go somewhere downrange. Not pretty.