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A state ID, drivers license, or military ID will suffice.

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Q: What kind of ID do you need to have with you when get a tattoo?
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What kind of ID do I need to go to Guernsey?

well you need an ID to go there.

Do you have to have ID to get a tattoo?

A decent studio will ask for your ID before proceeding with the tattoo process. If they don't ask for your ID, they're a shady institution, and you don't want a tattoo from them. Are you too young to get a tattoo? If so, just wait until you're old enough. It's not worth the risk of getting an ugly tattoo, or getting an infection from an unsterilized tattoo studio. Do you just not have a driver's license or ID tag? Bring in some other kind of identification. It helps if it includes your photo. For example, a passport in conjunction with a birth certificate would work.

Do children need id for airplanes?

Yes. Passport or another kind of ID.

Is it illegal to tattoo your dog?

Racing greyhounds have an ID tattoo in their ear.

What kind of id do you need for a passport?

I require id to enable my daugher to get a british passport

What kind of degree do you need for tattoo artist?

A degree is not normally needed.

What kind of ID do you need to get into an R rated movie?

You need a picture ID that shows your date of birth, such as a driver's license.

What kind of ID do you need to fly from Scotland to Birmingham?

It's much easier to take a train - and you won't need ID.

What kind the ID you need to open a bank account?

Two type of ID picture or passport.

Can you get a tattoo at 15 if your brother comes with you?

In most states/countries if you are getting a tattoo and you are under 18 you need PARENTAL permission and accompaniment. Most tattoo shops will require a number of things such as a birth certificate, and your parents ID.

What kind of id do you need to fly to Cancun?

just your passport

Do you need id to get a tongue pierce?

Most tattoo / piercing parlors do require ID unless you are obviously over 18. if are under 18 have a parent or guardian come with you to give permission.

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