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Before being captured, African slaves did jobs like farming and metalwork

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2013-03-11 18:19:41
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Q: What jobs did the African slaves do before they were captured?
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What would slaves jobs be in ancient Egypt?

Most slaves were captured from neighboring countries when Egypt seized them during the New Kingdom. Their jobs included building temples and waiting on pharaohs and priests.

What jobs African slaves do?

African people work in a variety of fields including in agriculture and healthcare. They are doctors, nurses, farmers, truck drivers, ranchers, and even pilots.

Could African Americans have jobs in the 1800s?

Yes they could be slaves or servants. If they had these jobs they would have to work for their owners and they would only get paid a little if any at all.

Why did northern factory workers oppose the abolitionists before the US Civil War?

Freed African Americans would take some of their jobs, the workers were socially higher than slaves, and disruption of the Union.

Why are there slaves?

Kings and Queens had slaves so the slaves could build things for the king and Queen and do their work around their home so they didnt have to do the jobs. Rulers in the world wars would keep captured enemies as slaves to do work for them. basically what i am saying is slaves are here so people can make them do work for them.

What types of jobs did KKK members want to see African Americans doing?

The KKK wanted to see African Americans only as Slaves and thought that was the reason they were on earth.

What were some common jobs for African slaves?

working in the plantation, servsants and working in mines

Why did runaways go to Canada?

Runaway slaves escaped to Canada because there were lots of jobs and opportunities available. They were not in danger of being captured and returned once in Canada.

What jobs did slaves have before they were slaves?

Those that were not born into slavery were probably captives from a conquered land and might have held any position in that society.

What were the jobs of Egyptian slaves?

some jobs of slaves were to build the pyramid of the pharaoh.

What jobs did Slaves do in the Civil War?

the jobs that slaves did in the American civil war is druming

What jobs did field slaves do?

rim jobs

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