What jobs are in a hotel?

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There are loads. Housekeeping, restaurant/kitchen staff, front of house (reception/night porter), management. In larger hotels and chains there are often events teams (conference/wedding coordinators), sales and marketing, HR, Revenue Management, Accounts and Maintenance. That's all I can think of at the moment!

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Q: What jobs are in a hotel?
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What sort of hotel jobs are there besides housekeeping jobs?

There are various kinds of jobs in a hotel. These are the following common hotel jobs: Cook Chef Scene manager Picollo Receptionist

What type of hotel restaurant jobs are available?

There are many hotel restaurant jobs available to those that are looking for that type of job. The main jobs offered by hotel restaurants are waiter, cook and dish washer.

Back of the house hotel operations?

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Why should you choose hotel jobs?

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What are the manpower and job categories needed for a five star hotel?

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What different jobs are there as a chef?

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What are some jobs that one can do in a hotel setting?

Jobs include bellboy and maid among others. These jobs vary in pay.

Are there many sheraton hotel jobs that involve tips?

A lot of hotel jobs involve tips. A guy who pushes your luggage get tips. The person who delivers room service gets tips. The restaurant staff in a hotel get tips.

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