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2010-09-24 23:27:24
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Q: What is your kimel 22 revolver worth and what years were they made?
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What is the value of 1973 Western six model revolvers made by Kimel Industries?

I don't know the answer but I also have a Kimel ind. Gun, Model 5000 32 Cal. seven shot revolver. Made by Kimel Industries in Matthews, North Carolina. ... Kimel Industries Inc. PO Box 335 Matthews, NC 28105 1-800-438-9288 ... - 34k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar

Where Kimel kamper model k20 was it made?


Who makes the kimel kamper k20?

Made in Italy

Where can you find information about a Western Six 22 long rifle made by Kimel Industries in Matthews NC?

Bear Arms of Kent, WA, once had one for sale for $72. Otherwise, there is very little info out there about Kimel revolvers (much better know for their 9mm). this designed revolver is now made under heritage mfg. some slight differences.

22cal short German made revolver What is it worth?

If the revolver is an RG or Rohm, it is worth about $25-50. These were low cost, low quality firearms, and frequenly had frames made of metals other than steel.

How many 32 kimel mod5000 were made?

That information is not in the public domain.

What year was the Kimel Kamper model KK1 made?


When was the first revolver made?

when was the first revolver made?

What is this worth 38 cal hand gun made by us revolver co?

50 USD

Made in America US Revolver co reg?

inexpensive, seldom worth 50 USD

What is a 32 clerke 1st 5-shot revolver worth?

The Clerke revolver is generally considered the cheapest/worst made revolver... Ever. You might be able to get me to take it off your hands if you paid me enough.

How much is this Gun worth you need an estimate of sw revolver 48010 made in 1871?

50 USD

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