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10-100 usd

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Q: What is your FIE single action 22 revolver worth?
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How much is a 22 cal model 72 revolver worth has fie corp?

25-65 US dollars

Info on fie super 777 starter revolver?

FIE is/was an importer. Probably made in Europe.

Fie 22 cal revolver?

15-50 USD

What year was the FIE mod TEX 22 made?

FIE Tex Mod .22 caliber single action revolvers were first produced by the firearms import and export company in 1986. I just bought one my self and found that depending on the condition of the gun they are worth about 25-75 dollars.

What bullets does fie 22 revolver shoot?

Probabably 22LR. Have it checked by a gunsmith.

How much is the 410 shotgun made in Brazil for fie arms worth?

Assuming this is a single-shot, $50.00 in very good condition.

How much is an FIE Western Duo Cal 22 lr revolver worth The gun can be fired but you have to load it via the loading gate the pin can't be removed to take out the cylinder?


How much is a fie 6 shot little ranger revolver worth?

Standard model, VG condition, $100, convertible model $150. Page 74, Gun Trader's Guide, 32nd edition.

Hvem manifaktet FIE Mod E 15 Cal 22 LR?

FIE was the company that imported these into the US. They were made in Brescia Italy, POSSIBLY by the Tanfoglio Company. FIE is no longer in business- the E-15 single action revolvers seemed to be from the 1960s-1970s. They do not have a high value. Some repair parts are available from

What is the price on a 22 caliber fie 6 shot revolver?

50-5000 USD or more depending on specifics

How much is a FIE Little Texas Ranger 22 revolver worth?

$50-150 depending on condition (wear and usability) and your location (small town/country = lower end, urban/suburban area = higher end)

How can you get parts for your FIE corporation single action 45 long colt pistol?

Sorry- but sometimes the answer is- you won't. FIE was not the maker, but the importer. Most of their guns were made in Germany. FIE is long out of business. I did check the one site that deals in used parts for older guns, and they have none for that model. If it is a small part or a screw, a gunsmith may be able to make or adapt a part to fit.