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Weyburn is a very beautiful place there are really good elementary schools.

Weyburn has alot of fun stuff you could go swiming at the pool and go fishing you will have alot of fun here in Weyburn it is a small city. And it is very beautiful place.

You would have a great time here!

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Q: What is weyburn like?
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Is weyburn safe?

Yes , Weyburn is safe .

What is Weyburn's population?

The population of Weyburn is 10,484.

When was Weyburn created?

Weyburn was created in 1898.

When was Weyburn Airport created?

Weyburn Airport was created in 1941.

When was The Weyburn Regiment created?

The Weyburn Regiment was created in 1924.

What is the area of Weyburn?

The area of Weyburn is 15.78 square kilometers.

What is Weyburn's motto?

Weyburn's motto is 'Vision, Achievement, Progress'.

How tall is Elsie Weyburn?

Elsie Weyburn is 5' 5".

Whose the mayor of Weyburn?

Weyburn, Saskatchewan Mayor Debra Button

What is the distance between Rosetown and Weyburn?

You have to specify which Rosetown and which Weyburn you are asking about.

When was Weyburn Security Bank created?

Weyburn Security Bank was created in 1910.

When was Weyburn Security Bank Building created?

Weyburn Security Bank Building was created in 1910.