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My understanding is the model 938 was a toy rifle not a bb rifle, but I did find out it was made in 1988

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Q: What is value of daisy BB rifle model 938?
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How do you load bb's into the daisy model 938?

You can't it's a pop toy rifle. Not meant to shoot BB's

How much is the red ryder bb gun model 938 worth?

I searched the catalogue and I don't believe Daisy ever made a model 938 bb gun. Are you sure it's not a 1938 Red Ryder Rifle. If you want an estimate of value you will have to give more information about the gun/rifle, as to it's current condition. Here is what I suggest. Daisy offers a free service to evaluate the value of old daisy BB guns. See the link below and follow the directions.It took a long time but I found out that the Daisy Model 938 is a toy Pop gun not a BB gun. And has some value but it is not listed in my catalogues because it's not a BB gun.

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