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Your Browning A-bolt medallion,which was made in the year 1991 will bring between 375-550 dollars,depending on overall condition of the rifle and a good bore.

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Q: What is value of browning medallion a bolt 308 86140nz2m7?
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What is the value of a browning a-bolt ll medallion 270wsm new in the box?

For a new in the box Browning A-bolt II medallion,the price is 805 dollars in the caliber .270Win short Mag.

What is the value of a browning a bolt medallion 223 caliber?

I just purchased (Dec 08) a used Browning A-Bolt Medallion with composite stock, BOSS, Browning fitted hard case and Tasco 3-24X scope, all in 98% condition, for $600.

What is the value of a browning a-bolt medallion rifle in 204 ruger brand new worth?

500 USD

What is the value of a Browning a bolt medallion 3006 new in box?

At least 500 dollars for one in the condition that you describe.

What is the value for a browning a bolt medallion 22-250?

Without more specific information; 100-1000 USD

Browning a bolt micro medallion?

a good rifle

What is the value of a Browning A bolt medallion in 270 caliber and at 98 percent new worth?

500-700 USD or so

What is a 2506 browning a bolt medallion?

A bolt action rifle chambered for 25/06

What is the value of a Browning 270 medallion rifle made in Japan with serial number 12962PN217 bolt action?

your 1989 made browning medallion is going for between 265-600 dollars depending on the overall condition of the wood and metal.

Does browning make a a-bolt gold medallion rifle in 243?


What is a browning a bolt medallion with boss in 308 worth heard from browning this configuration is rare.?

500 USD

How do you tell if you have a browing gold medallion 7 mm mag?

To tell if you have a Browning Gold Medallion 7 mm mag, you can compare this rifle to the Browning rifles pictures on websites like GunsAmerica. Make sure you have a bolt action rifle with a Browning markings on the buttstock and on the bolt.