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Your Winchester model 1894 classic which was made in the year 1969 will bring between 250-350 dollars,depending on overall condition and a good bore.

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Q: What is value of Winchester Model 94 Classic serial number 3098710?
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When was your Winchester model 94 classic manufactured Serial number 3094250?

your winchester model 1894 rifle was made in 1973.

What year was a Winchester classic 30-30 with a serial number of 3105422 made?


How old is your Winchester Model 94 Classic 30-30 serial number 3007759?

your model 94 Winchester was made in 1968.

What is the value of a Winchester 94 classic serial 30038823 in excellent condition?

Something not right with that serial number. Both my Winchester serial dating sites show the cut off on the model 94 at 5103249.

What is the year and value of Winchester model 94 Classic serial number 3053203?

your winchester model 1894 classic was made in 1967,with the serial number you provided.these model 1894 rifles are currently valued at 250-375 dollars depending on the overall condition,and a good bore.

What year was my Winchester model 94 serial 2486782 made?

Your serial number indicates that it was made in the last year of the classic winchesters which is 1963.That year ended with serial number 2,586,000.

What year was your Winchester model 121707?

Your question has used the serial number of your Winchester,not the Model number.Please include a description of your Winchester along with the model number,and the serial number to get a answer about your Winchester.

What is the age of this winchester serial number 1517115?

I would have to have your Winchester model number along with the serial number to answer your question correctly.

How old is 1897 Winchester serial number 514029?

With the serial number that you provided your winchester model 1897 shotgun was made by winchester in 1913.

When was Winchester 94 serial number 3814536 made?

Your winchester model 1894 rifle was made by winchester in 1973 with the serial number that you provided.

What year manufactured Winchester 9422 serial number F195620?

Your winchester model 9422 was made by winchester in 1975 with the serial number that you provided.

What is the age of 1873 Winchester serial number 583610B?

Your Winchester model 1873 rifle was made by Winchester in 1904,with the serial number that you provided.