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Redemption is offered to all and salvation is dependent on our free will to live the life of christ which is the life tof the church. The individual has to take advantage of this grace offered to us by Christ, a free gift.

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Q: What is theological difference between salvation and redemption?
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What is the difference between the history of salvation and salvation history?

Salvation history already happened. It is the fulfillment of the promise of redemption. History of salvation started long before and keeps on rolling until now.

What is the difference between the salvation army and other denominations?

The Salvation Army is a Christian organization and NOT a church denomination.

What is the difference between red dead redemption and red dead redemption black?

There is no such thing as Red Dead Redemption black there is only the regular Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption limited edition.

What is the difference between absolute and limited salvation?

in my opinion there is no limited and unlimited salvation. absolute means there is no beginning or ending .

What is the difference between ordinary red dead redemption and limited edition?

The difference is that u get 3 special outfits.

Difference between Debenture Redemption Reserve and Capital redumption Reserve?

The Capital Redemption Reserve is a fund that secures a creditor. Debenture Redemption Reserve is for the purpose of security payments only.

What is the difference between fine and redemption fine imposable by customs authorities in india?

What is the differance between redumption fine & fine

What does it mean in the bible to be complete?

I the context of salvation it can mean the difference between having a relationship with Christ and not having one.

What is the difference between atonement and redemption?

Atonement for someone who mend , amend, fix, pay or to expiate for a sin or mistake, while Redemption means to get or give compensation, get fixed or free from a punishment، pain or persecution.

What is difference between Jesus and Buddha?

There is a great deal of difference, Jesus only gives salvation, forgives our sins and gives us peace.Buddha does not give us this at all. Jesus is NOT the son of god

What is the relationship between faith and salvation?

You need faith in order to have salvation. You must also have repentance.

Differences between Buddhism and chritianity?

The Christ came to offer us salvation. The Buddha came to help end our suffering. Beyond the theological differences (Buddhism rejects a one true God, heaven, hell, etc.), morally they are incredibly similar, if not almost the same.