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i only seen fanfiction which is like 13 and 14 but in real life idk

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2009-06-13 03:21:33
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Q: What is the youngest age in history that a boy was pregnant?
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What is the youngest age a boy can get a girl pregnant?

Whenever the male begins to produce sperm he can get a girl pregnant.

How old is the youngest boy to get a girl pregnant?

the youngest boy would be 13

What is the youngest age a boy can get a girl pregnaunt?

There was a news story about a teacher who got pregnant by a second-grade student (who would be about 8 years old).

How should King Tutankhamun be remembered in history?

As the boy king who ruled Egypt for 10 years.... and also being the youngest ever pharaoh and most probably the pharaoh who died at the youngest age.

What is the youngest age a boy can make a baby?

when he hits puberty

Who is the youngest alive boy singer and age?

Pro? Jackie Evancho age 8

How young could a girl get pregnant?

the youngest mother ever was 5 years old to a boy of the same age (it wouldve been horrifying on the grandest scale if otherwise.)

What is the youngest age i can get an Alaskan malamute as a puppy and can i get 2 puppies of Alaskan malamute a girl and a boy?

The youngest age an Alaskan Malamute can be before you can get one is 6 weeks. You can get a boy and girl if you are able to care for them both.

What was the youngest age of a kid to go to juvenile detention?

The youngest child to go to juvy was a 3 year old boy

How young was the youngest person to become pregnant?

her name was Lina Medina and she lived in Peru and she was only 5yrs of age and she was 8 months pregnant when a month and a half late on may 14 1939 she gave birth to a baby boy

What is the youngest age you can be a Boy Scout?

You can begin boy scouting at the age of eleven, upon the day you complete fifth grade, or when you receive the Arrow of Light.

Who is the youngest One Direction boy?

Harry Styles is the youngest One Direction member at 18 years of age.

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