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Unfortunately any firearm, especially one that is a semi-automatic in today's anti-gun anti-semi/fully automatic sentiment, is worth nothing except to the beholder. In other words, a firearm without a serial number is considered by many to be one whose owners and path of use can not be traced and in most circles, is considered ILLEGAL. That by itself significantly reduces the value of any firearm. Remember today that the OBAMA administration considers all non-single shot (and even some of them) firearms a WEAPON and not just a firearm. Having said that, many firearms are still worthwhile to purchase without a serial number, but the value is considerably lower than one who has a serial number. Hope this helps.

Skip Hall,

They made these from the 1930's up until the 1950's It may be difficult to pinpoint the exact age.

Excellent bolt action rifle good for the average Joe.

This is a bolt action gun not an auto/ semi auto and could easily be worth $500.00 in good condition maybe more maybe less.

Older guns without serial numbers are grandfathered in and more than likely a collectors item by now.

The only problem I see if you purchased the gun with no serial number and unknown background... run a ballistics check.

It is difficult to prove ownership without a serial number.

If a gun is stolen chances of it turning up are not always good. You can try etching the barrel...nothing like a personal number to prove ownership.

You can buy a modern day bolt action equivalent gun for 180.00

Worth less....Probably not the case here.


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Q: What is the year of manufacture of Winchester 72 tube fed bolt rifle Barrel marked Model 72 22 short long and long rifle no serial number?
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