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FN would know when your Browning model 1922 semi-auto pistol was made.These well made semi-auto handguns were made from 1922-1945.several hundred thousand were made under Nazi rule during World War II (1940-1945).

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Q: What is the year of manufacture of Browning FN Model 1922 Serial 180449?
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You will have to call Browning.

What is manufacture date of browning shotgun serial number60291?

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What is the manufacture date and model of the browning cynergy serial number 01388mx132?

The 2 letters in the middle of your serial number indicate that your Browning Cynergy model shotgun was made in the year 2003.

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Browning custom serial no 44085 can you give me year of manufacture?

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What is Manufacture Date of Browning 16 ga serial 123740?

With the serial number that you provided,if you have a Browning model auto-5 shotgun?Then this shotgun was made by FN of belguim for Browning in 1939.

What is year of manufacture for browning serial 32975?

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What is the date of manufacture of my Browning Sweet Sixteen Serial Number S21277?

Your serial number indicates that your sweet sixteen model Browning shotgun was made in the year 1954.

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