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Q: What is the white gushy stuff that comes out of your virgina when your pregnant?
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What if gushy red stuff come out of a frog?


Is a woman pregnant if white stuff come out her virgina?

Maybe, but it was the gift you should've wrapped.

What is the white stuff that comes out of your boyfriends penis when he gets excited?

Semen. That is what can make you pregnant.

What time of day is best to fish for bass?

when there is sunlight, because you can just cast in the gushy stuff on the edges of the pond or lake you are fishing in.

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ok nat is not dating anyone he says he wants a great friend at the moment not all that gushy stuff

When they suck you dick What is the white stuff that comes out?

Sperm...Gets out when you have orgasm... In woman's uterus will get her pregnant...wear a condom..

What if some brownish stuff comes out of your virgina a week after your period?

This brownish stuff is known as spotting, and it's perfectly normal. Spotting is just small amounts of blood that mix with discharge, this is normal before and after menstruation as the bleeding starts or as it ends.

Is it a sign of pregnancy if white stuff comes out when you go to the restroom?

No that is not a pregnancy symtom. Girls also get that when they are not pregnant. That white stuff that's coming out when you urinate is calles discharge. Its perfectly normal in girls. It doesn't mean your pregnant.

What is the black stuff called that comes out of an octopus?

What is the black stuff that comes out of an octopus

What is the red stuff when the butterfly comes out of its chrysalis?

what is the red stuff that comes out of catterpiller

Where can i find Bella Swan pregnant pictures?

obviously they'll all be photo shopped but google image it and a buncha stuff comes up

What are the 3 stages of development?

1st is the pre-nut it comes out just a little and it's clear (: . 2nd is the nutting mode when all the clear stuff comes out alot alot ! HA. 3rd is the OH MY GOD IM PREGNANT mode when your pregnant and you have nothing else to do about it .

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