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No its called discharge, you normally get it before you start your period. Every girl that i know of gets it. It's perfectly normal and it doesn't mean your pregnant.

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โˆ™ 2009-11-17 03:22:17
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Q: What is the white creamy stuff you get on your undies could that be that your pregnant?
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Why do you have white stuff in your undies?

Poor personal hygiene.

What are some Camping dares?

strip to undies / bra, stuff them with leaves for rest of game, pour canned soup down undies

31 weeks pregnant and i have black stuff in my undies?

get to the hospital as it means your babys in distress and your waters may have broken. I have 2 children myself. Dont mess about go to hospital.

What does it mean if you have brown stuff in your undies and then you go to the washroom and pee with no blood in the toilet only on the toilet paper?

it means your sick

I am are 11 and you have been noticing icky stuff in my undies and cramps my doctor said that i was going to have your period soon but when does that mean?

It means that you have started ovulating and soon will be starting to bleed ocne a month. You can now get pregnant. Ask your mom about this and you can also read more in the link below.

What does it mean when you get white stuff on your undies?

it means your vagina is cleaning itself out, called discharge. happens to everyone, if the wetness bothers you wear a pantiliner

Why are oreos so good?

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Is the yellow stuff in a girl's undies a unusual period?

No, this is urine that hasn't been wiped completely clean, if it is slippery it could be a yeast/uti infection, drink plenty of water throughout the day to rectify the damage done to your pH system.

Am I Starting My Period?

Well... Are you getting brown or yellow creamy stuff in your knickers? Are you feeling cramp in your pelvis? THEN YES

What happens if you have brown stuff on your panties and pregnant?

heard could mean mischarage if u had somethin like yer period too

What is the creamy colored fluid coming from the coolant tank of a 1992 Honda Accord Lx?

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Can I be pregnant if white stuff in your urine?

Yes :)

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