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38 inches

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2008-07-08 18:38:58
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Q: What is the waist inches in woman's dress size 18?
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What is the waist inches in womans jeans size 14?

size 14 is 32"" waist :)

What is the waist inches in womans dress size 16?

The woman's waist should measure 32 1/2 inches. The actual garment will measure 1 to 2 inches larger.

What is a womans dress size with 26inch waist?

In the UK a women with a 26inch waist is a size 8 !.. 25 1/2 inch waist is a 6..

What is the waist inches in woman's dress size 20?

40 inches

What waist size is someone with a size 20 dress size?

40 inches

How wide is the waist measurement on a size 18 dress?

The waist measurement of a size eighteen dress is ninety-three centimeters or 36.5 inches. The bust size of a size 18 dress is 109 centimeters or forty-three inches.

What is the waist inches in woman's dress size 22?


What is the waist inches in a womans size 22?

A woman's size 22 pant or skirt measures at 42 inches for the waist and 50 inches for the low hip. In alphabetic sizes, this would be a smaller 2X.

What is a womans dress size with a 23 inch waist?

a 23-inch waist is size 0 in the uk and in the us its a 4 though this will differ on different brands of clothes slightly

What are the measurements for a size 4 women's dress?

The measurements for a US size 4 women's dress are 34.5 inches for the bust and 27 inches for the waist. The hip measurement is 37 inches.

What is 32 inches in a woman dress size?

Where did you get 32 inches? If it's her bust size - the dress is probably small or maybe size 8. If you measured waist it would be medium or maybe size 12.

What is anne hathaway's waist size?

Anne Hathaway's waist size is 24 inches. Anne Hathaway has an hourglass figure and currently wears a size 2 dress.

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