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50 USD to felony jail time depending on specifics

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Q: What is the value of your Taico-Squires Bingham Model 14 22LR Pistol Grip Stock?
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Does anyone make a pistol-grip stock for a Savage Model 110?

custom proposition

Does Marlin make a 44 mag or 45 cal rifle with a pistol grip stock?

Don't think so. That is the Marlin 1894S, and all that I have seen have the straight stock, unlike the Model 336 with a pistol grip stock..

Will a stock from a Remington 870 fit a model 1100?

No, the Remington Model 1100 stock has a hole (recepticle) through the inside of the stock in the pistol grip area to accept the action spring tube. The Remington Model 870 stock has no need for this hole so the 870 stock will not fit on the Model 1100 action.

Does anyone make a pistol grip stock for the Remington model 700 long action as in 300 rum?

yep ... choate

Where can you find a pistol grip kit for a 12-gauge Sears model 200?

Even though that gun was made by Wiinchester and is basically the same as the Model 1200, the trigger guard and stock are different and those parts from the Model 1200 will NOT interchange. There is no commercially available pistol grip kit for the Sears Model 200.

Does anyone make a pistol grip stock for a Remington model 7400 30-06 rifle?

Yes, The receiver pins are the same as the Remington 870, so any stock that will fit the 870 will fit the 7400

How much is the Value of a Winchester model 1906 22 in nickel?

Additional information is necessary to properly value your rifle. There were two models available in the Winchester Model 1906. One had a straight stock and the other had a pistol grip stock and was called a Model 1906 Expert. Which one do you have? Also, you did not say, if your rifle was partially trimmed in nickel or was fully nickel trimmed?

What is the difference between a submachine gun and a machine pistol?

The pistol does not have a permanently attached stock- and it is a lot harder to control. The pistol is one handed, the gun two.

Where can you get a Double Eagle M81 Airsoft Pistol that is In-Stock?

Go to

Can you install a pistol grip on a savage 350 shotgun?

If you are speaking of having only a pistol grip & not a stock, the answer is NO. If you wish to add a pistol grip & have the stock on at the same time, the answer is maybe, it is a matter of how much gunsmithing you wish to pay for. In general, a good gunsmith can do anything if you have the money and it is legal. lcj

Does anyone make a pistol grip style stock for a browning a-bolt or BAR?


Where can you find a stock for a model 121 Remington Pump?

The stock for this model gun can be found at cabella's