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NIB New in the Box condition,un-fired and with sleeve that rifle was shipped in from factory is $2000.00 to $2250.00. Most however range from $1500.00 to $1800.00 un-fired.

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Q: What is the value of the 1967 Alaska Centennial Purchase Winchester Carbine?
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What is value of Winchester 30-30 Alaska purchase centennial 1867-1967?

The value lies in the fact that any Winchester commemoratives must be unfired and new in the box.with that said it is valued at 795.00 dollars

Winchester 30-30-lever action 1867-1967 with box worth?

There were 2 different rifles made during 1967.The first 100 year commemorative was the Canadian 67 centennial rifle or carbine which if non fired,and with the box will bring 650 dollars.The other is the 1967 alaska purchase model which if unfired and with the box will bring 1,250 dollars.

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In 1963, the Alaska Centennial Commission announced a competition to determine a distinctive centennial motto and emblem for Alaska. "North to the Future," adopted during Alaska's Purchase Centennial, celebrating its purchase from Russia by the United States, and was created by veteran newsman Richard Peter, the motto is meant to represent Alaska as a country of promise. According to Peter, the motto " a reminder that beyond the horizon of urban clutter there is a Great Land beneath our flag that can provide a new tomorrow for this century's 'huddled masses yearning to be free.' "North to the future" has been Alaska's state motto since 1967.

How did Alaska get its motto North to the Future?

"North to the Future" - Our motto was chosen in 1967 during the Alaska Purchase Centennial and was created by Juneau newsman Richard Peter. The motto is meant to represent Alaska as a land of promise.

Where did the motto for Alaska come from?

It was chosen by the Alaska Centennial Commission from 761 entries in a 1963 contest.

The motto of Alaska?

"The official motto of the State of Alaska, North to the Future, was adopted by the legislature during Alaska's Purchase Centennial in 1967. Created by veteran newsman Richard Peter, the motto is meant to represent Alaska as a country of promise."Source: see the Related Link below.

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