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in realy good codition about $400

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Q: What is the value of my westernfield 20g m550cr pump shotgun?
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How much is a westernfield 20 m550cr pump shotgun worth?


What is the value of a Western Field 20 gauge shotgun model m550cr in good condition?

Whats is the value of a m550cr pump shot gun 20 guage

What is the value of A westernfield 12 gauge pump shotgun?

50-250 or so

Where can you get parts for westernfield M550 abr shotgun?

the thing hold the barrel to the pump

What is the value of a Westernfield M550AD pump shotgun?

From $70-$140 depending on condition. Basically a 12ga Mossberg 500 made for Montgomery Wards.

Who made the model number 30sb662a western field 12 gauge pump shotgun?

Your shotgun was made by savage/stevens for montgomery wards(westernfield).

Parts for westernfield 16 gauge pump shotgun model?

Gun shops, gun shows, want ads

What is the age of a WesternField 410 shotgun pump M550ed Montgomery Ward?

No published sn data. 50's or so

What is western field model xnh569h 20 gauge pump shotgun worth?

how much money is a westernfield model xnh569h

What is the value Stevens firearms 1907 20 gauge pump shotgun?

What is the value Stevens firearms 1907 20 gauge pump shotgun? What is the value Stevens firearms 1907 20 gauge pump shotgun?

What is the pump shotgun that has the name westernfield and model 35 on itThe receiver similar to browning a-5?

You are probably thinking of a Stevens model 520

What year was the westernfield model m550ad 12gauge pump shotgun manufactured?

Your shotgun was made for Montgomery Wards (marked with their brand- Westernfield) by Mossberg, and is their model 550. As far as age- no way to tell. IF your shotgun does not have a serial number, it would have been made prior to 1968. <><><> Note to previous poster- Sears did not use the Westernfield brand- that belonged to Montgomery Wards. They DID use J.C. Higgins and Ted Williams as brand names.