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Well over $10,000. The M2 is the select fire variant of the M1 carbine, capable of full auto fire, and requires an NFA tax stamp for transfer.


Agree- IF the M2 is in the US, and has already been registered with the BATFE. If it has not been registered, it cannot be. Possession of an unregistered M2, or any other machinegun is a serious crime that is punished by prison and fines.

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Q: What is the value of an US Carbine Caliber 30 M2?
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What is the age and value of M-2 US Carbine caliber 30 manufactured by Inland Division which is paratrooper and folding model with serial number 4492683?

if it's an M2, it means an automatic weapon. check out legal issue on your gun in your state

Is a M2 30 caliber carbine fully automatic?

The M-2 carbine was designed to be fully automatic and as such is considered a "Machine Gun" even if the selector and automatic type sear are replaced with the M1 style ( semi-automatic )parts The Reciever must be marked M2 for it to be considered a machine gun. Chuck Linderman Dothan, Alabama

Is there an colt m2 carbine?

Yes, in danao, cebu, pi.

What is the difference between a m1 carbine and a m2 carbine?

M1 carbines are semi-automatic and M2s are full automatic.

Is an m1a1 carbine a manual semi automatic or automatic?

The M1A1 nomenclature was applied to a variation of the Thompson submachinegun, which was an automatic weapons. As far as the .30 carbine goes, M1 designation was applied to semi automatic variants, whereas the fully automatic versions were known as M2.

What is the combat load for the M2 50 caliber machine gun?


What is the weight of a .50 caliber?

A single round of ammuntion? An M2? A Barrett rifle?

What is m2 - 7m-30 equal?

m2-7m-30 = (m+3)(m-10) when factored

What are differences between M1 money and M2 money?

M1 money is transaction money, It includes: Coins of all denominations, Paper money including all types of notes, Checking accounts and Traveler's checks. M2 money is M1 money plus Close substitutes ( savings accounts/deposits).

How fast can a 7.62 NATO bullet go?

7.62 mm NATO AmmoThe first standard NATO cartridge, the 7.62 x 51mm NATO, was developed by the United States as a successor to the .30 Caliber M2 round (30-06), which had served as the standard U. S. rifle cartridge since 1906.The standard .30 Caliber M2 cartridge propelled a 150 grain projectile at a muzzle velocity of 2,800 fps (848 mps). That's 848 meters per second not miles.

How can you tell the difference between a original m2 30 caliber magazine clip and a replica?

The Magazines are M1Carbine magazines (which also fit the M2). This is a complex subject. Please see the link below to an article from the US Civilian Marksmanship program. In general, if it looks too good to be true, it is.

Does anyone sell m2 carbine parts?

Several persons. However, the parts that make the M2 carbine fully automatic may only be sold to a private citizen in the US if they were already registered with the BATFE by May 1986. They require the payment of a $200 transfer tax, a background check, and will cost several thousand dollars.