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100-500 USD

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Q: What is the value of a weatherby centurion shotgun?
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Where is a weatherby centurion 12 gauge made?


Value of Weatherby 82 shotgun?

$350-$400 in very good shape

How do you grade a weatherby shotgun?

By the features.

What is the age of a weatherby centurion-2 serial number a18171?

No sn data published

What is a weatherby centurion II 12 gauge worth?

Not much; do not buy. I have one and I wish I never got it

What is a1977 ducks unlimited weatherby centurion-II shot gun worth?

50-250 usd

What is the age of a weatherby centurion-II shotgun with the serial number A18800?

MANUFACTURING DATADate Mfgr Model Ser. No. Calibre1972 - 1974 KTG Centurion Auto AO00001 - A07405 12ga2¾"1974 - 1975 Nikko Centurion " NA00400 - NA10091 " "1976 - 1979 Nikko Centurion II " NA10884 - NA17754 12ga3"1979 - 1981 KTG " II " A17755 - A18878 " "1982 - 1989 KTG 82 Auto 82-00001 - 82-1152712ga2¾"/3"

Value of Remington 300 weatherby magnum?

Value of a weatherby .300 magnum made in germany

Where can you purchase replacement forend for a Weatherby Regency Shotgun?

It is a shame that a quality shotgun like the Weatherby O/U has a forearm that can not handle its own recoil without cracking the forearm. I have always admired the Weatherby. Now with my Orion O/U 12 ga. The forearm continues to cracking. In my skeet league, I can know longer recommend a Weatherby shotgun. Can't handle the continuous shooting. Charlie

What is price of Weatherby Athena shotgun?

200-2000 depending on EXACTLY what you have.

Value of Weatherby Vanguard 270 WCF with Weatherby scope?

100-500 or so

What is the value of a Weatherby mark 5 rifle with Weatherby scope in 22 250?

100-500 or so