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50-100 or so

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Q: What is the value of a shotgun stamped Cracker Jack Southern Arms Company that is dated Aug 14 1900 14 gauge?
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What is the value of a 14 gauge Shotgun with a stamped date of August 14 1900 made by Cracker Jack Southern Arms Company?

I am not sure on the price because i am also looking for a price for i have a full box of FMC 14 gauge shells #7.5 shot. If interested e-mail @

Crescent firearms 12 gauge double barrel shotgun the number stamped on the receiver is 287534 It also is stamped Peerless model Can you tell me more about this gun's history?

THey were made by crescent firearm company.

Have you heard of FR Loffler a German gun company in the late 1800s?

I have a shotgun stamped FR Loffler in Mainz from WWII. No other markings on gun. Do you have same?

What company made the sear and roebuck ted Williams over and under 12 ga. model M-400 shotgun?

i have one and it is stamped made in japan

What is the value of a4270 12 gauge shotgun that is not stamped?

describe the type of shotgun and recheck the serial number

Square Deal stamped on crescent Gun shotgun?

Model designation

Have a double barrel shotgun with SHC stamped on top of rib Who made this?

S.H.C. stood for Shapleigh Hardware Company. The shotgun was more than likely made by either a Belgium company or Cresent Fire Arms Com.. It was very common in the late 1800's and early 1900's for arms companies to stamp the hardware stores "logo" on a shotgun or .22 for a fee.

What is a sentence for stamped?

The company stamped the person as their best employee. This sentence uses the word stamped in it.

Who made a 410 gauge single barrel with VOLUNTEER stamped on it serial A981277?

A 410 gauge, single barrel shotgun with Volunteer stamped on it and Serial number A981277 was made by the Volunteer Arms Company. They made guns for Belknap Hardware store in Louisville, Kentucky.

How old is a N. R. Davis and Sons shotgun stamped with Ajax?

This shotgun is in the neighborhood of 100 years old. There is fairly extensive information online available on this shotgun.

What is a baikal 27e ic shotgun stamped USSR worth?


Who made a 16 gauge shotgun with World's Fair stamped on it?

Hopkins & Allen