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100-1000 USD depending on EXACTLY what you have, condition, originality of all parts, box, papers, history, etc..

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Q: What is the value of a pearl handled 38 caliber colt police revolver marked colt's ptfa mfg co Hartford ct us pat aug 5 1884 July 4 1905 October 5 1925?
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What is the value of ranger 32 cal pearl handled revolver?


What is the value of a pearl handled nickel plated .38 Llama revolver?

Pi Squared

What is value of pearl handled revolver 38 S and W with SN 4832L9?

50-200 usd

What is the date and value of a pearl handled 38 caliber Colt revolver marked 'Colt's FA Mfg Co Hartford US Pat Aug 5 1884 Nov 6 1888 Mar 5 95'on the top of the barrel and Colt DA 38 on the side?

around 1900, on the age. Value is decided by condition,markings,and history of the gun. Need a better description, also. 6 inch barrel in good to excellent condition and has been in family for 3 generations.

What type of gun did Charles guiteau use to kill president James Garfield?

The gun was an ivory-handled .44 Webley British Bulldog revolver.

Value of 'pearl handled colt 45 revolver serial number 186445'?

Could range from 100-10000 USD

How much is a pearl handled high standard double nine W104 22 revolver worth?

10-150 usd

What is the value and any other info for a spanish made smith and Wesson 44 special US Service ctg pearl handled T.A.C. revolver?


What is the value of a nickel plate with detail scrolling pearl handled 38 cal Forehand and Wadsworth five shot revolver?

Impossible to do without clear, closeup photos. Seek the services of a professional appraiser.

How old is the regent 22 caliber 8 shot pistol?

From W.H.B. Smith's Book of Pistols and Revolvers: "This inexpensive .22 revolver is manufactured by Karl Burgsmuller, Sr. of Kreiensen Germany. Barrel length is 2 in., 4 in., or 6 in. The 8 shot cylinder handles .22 Short, Long or Long Rifle ammunition. Production started early in 1960. Distribution is handled in the United States by Firearms International." Hope this helps.

What secret agent series featuring Emma Peel and Mr Steed first premiered in 1961?

Avengers Did you know:Emma Peel's revolver on "The Avengers" is a gold-plated, pearl-handled pocket version of the Webley Mk IV.

How much was a pearl handled pistol in 1930?

Depends entirely of WHICH pearl handled pistol you are referring to. A Colt or Smith and Wesson would have cost more than a Harrington & Richardson or an Iver Johnson, and an automatic more than a revolver. However, I do own one really cute tiny little handgun from that period- a .22 Baby Hammerless- with mother of pearl grips- will fit in a vest pocket- and in 1930, they sold for about $5. Check with your library to see if they can get you a copy of any of the early Sears catalogs- they have been reprinted in hardback, are available for several years- and have a nice section of rifles, shotguns and handguns- with illustrations, and the prices for the year of the catalog.