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The value of a Miroku model BC3000 12 gauge under and over shotgun would depend on a couple different factors. Most important of these factors would be the condition.

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2014-06-18 20:12:29
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Q: What is the value of a miroku model BC3000 12GA under and over shotgun?
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What age and model number please of a BC Miroku shotgun serial 341909?

Miroku guns made under their name does not have serial info published. Winchester, Charles Daly and Browning have all been made by Miroku in the past. Do you have a model?

What is a ballpark estimate on a 1962 Belgium Browning Lightning Gold trigger that is 85-90 percent?

Are we talking about a Browning auto-5 shotgun,a superposed model over/under shotgun?The citori model lightning over/under shotgun was made from 1988 on by Miroku of Japan.Please include the model of your 1962 browning shotgun so that I may be able to give you the ball park estimate you asked for.

What is the model of a pre 1964 browning 12 gauge over under shotgun?

If your over under shotgun was made prior to 1964,then the model of your Browning shotgun should be named the superposed.

Where can I find out about my Model 800 Charles Daly Miroku 12 ga over and under serial number S301025A What year was it made Is it a Superior grade?

The firm B.C. Miroku of Tokyo, Japan made the Charles Daly name of over and under shotguns from 1963 to 1976. Not a lot is known about this firearm, as retaining data apparently was not thought important when they were being sold. This shotgun has a value of around $700.

What would be the estimated value of an over under 12-gauge Miroku shotgun ser 709763 by Kochi Japan year unknown?

100-1000 USD

You have just brought a Miroku OU 12 gauge shotgun is this gun any good?

Yep, Miroku makes very good guns. They currently make the Browning Citori line of guns and have made guns under other names also.

What is a savage shotgun model 312?

The Savage model 312 is an over under shotgun that Savage imported from Italy from 1990 through 1993. The shotgun was manufactured in northern Italy in the Gardone region.

What is the value of a Charles daly bc miroku over under shotgun serial number 590553?

In like "new condition", expect to pay around $1000 in a retail store.

What is the value of B C Miroku model 700 12 guuge over under?

depending on condition around $400 to $650 used.

Where do you find the model number on an aya sixteen gauge shotgun?

Under trigger

What is the value of a unused browning model 27 over and under shotgun?

about a grand

What dates are Savage model 444B?

The Savage model 444B over under shotgun was made from 1969-1972.

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