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This is an Excellent Pistol. You have given me all sorts of information but you left off the condition of the pistol so I can only give you a wide range of values. Mfg 1960-1970 .22 Cal C02 Is it in Excellent, Very Good, Good, normal use, fair, or poor condition? The value range is as follows. $275 to $95. Add 75% for Sears Variant (Sold through Sears) 20% for factory box and 20% for original holster. Normal range with some wear and tear is about $150.

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Q: What is the value of a crosman arms 600 CO2 pellet gun from 1968?
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What is value of crosman arms model 707 pellet master?

It was made between 1967 - 71. But no estimate of value can be determined without knowing the condition of the rifle.

What is value of 1959 Crosman Arms 22 cal pellet Series 140 Air Rifle?

The model 140 was made in 3 variations from 1954 to 1968. In order to give you an estimate of value I need to know the condition of the rifle. Is it in Poor, Fair, Good, Very good or Excellent condition? is it still working? All of this determines the current value

How do you track the serial numbers on the crosman arms pellet guns?

You will have to contact Crossman. No reliable factory published data I am aware of.

What is the value of v300 slide lever action bb pistol crosman arms fairport ny?

20-80 USD or so

How do you load a Crosman arms bb co2 pistol 454?

See the link below for the Crosman 454 Owners Manual.

What is value of crosman arms mod 1400 pumpmaster rifle excellent condition?

In Excellent condition, No scratches, dings or damage. It would be worth around $105

Does crosman arms have stock?

Crosman is owned by Wellspring Capital Management. They are a privately owned company. They are located in the Leaver House in New York.

What is the value of a crosman Arms model 38c 177cal pellgun in excellent condition?

Crosman 38 C combat In very good to excellent condition it is bluebooked between $75-$90. Add 20% for original box. Add 200%-400% for the chrome salesman sample pistol

What is the value of Grosman Arms air rifle Mfg 1924?

If you are asking about the Crosman 1924 model 22 Caliber. ( it has a pump handle under the forearm, ) Then it was the second Crosman air rifle made. It has great value. It was produced between 1923-24. The third model had a swinging pump forearm, no handle. 1924-25. Please state the condition of the rifle so an estimate of value can be given.

How old is your Crosman arms power master 760?

The CROSMAN 760 Powermaster started production in 1966 then went through 8 different changes and ended in 1991

When was The Arms of Krupp created?

The Arms of Krupp was created in 1968.

What are the companies that have red dot sights for air guns?

Swiss Arms, UTG, BSA, Daisy and Crosman